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National Medical Fellowships, in collaboration with international artist and humanitarian, Gustavo Duque, has teamed up to raise funds for minority medical and health professional students with an art exhibit experience that touches on universal creativity that bridges the traditional arts as seen through the prism of different cultures, religions, and art – a diversity of perspectives for our diverse society which is brought together by the common language of artistic expression.


The exhibit was conceived by Mr. Duque and African Art Collector and Tulane University Professor, William E. Bertrand, PhD and showcases paintings by Mr. Duque, photographs by Dr. Fred Husserl and installation art by Matilde Alberny. The show highlights the true diversity of tribal arts and how traditional images have informed and inspired current artists. Proceeds from the Exhibition will support National Medical Fellowships mission.

women from morocco
Tuareg of Marrakesh
Passion in Color
love and tenderness
One continent
Fez Morocco
colors of humanity
street musician morocco
royal guard hassam tower morocco
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